German-IPR Project

Project overview

Since 2009, collaboration projects between Germany and Japan has kept expanding. We exchange several students and senior researchers occasionally, between Osaka and Bochum. Profs. Matthias Rögner and Thomas Happe are guest professors in our Institute from 2010 until 2015. Our international collaborative grant was awarded to Prof. Michael Hippler in 2014. Since then, we are collaborating very tightly by exchanging Ph.D. students between Münster and Osaka.

Recent events

Prof. Kurisu (IPR) paticipated in Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) JAPAN SCIENCE DAYS 2018 on 5th-7th July 2018 in Germany. During the conference, the agreement on academic exchange between the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, RUB and IPR concluded in October 2017 was renewed in accordance with the change of the Director of IPR and the Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, RUB.

 Prof. Genji Kurisu (left) with Prof. Eckhart Hoffmann (right)


Ruhr University Bochum         WWU Munster
Prof. Dr. Matthias Rögner           Prof. Dr. Michael Hippler
Prof. Dr. Thomas Happe             Prof. Dr. Iris Finkemeier
Prof. Dr. Eckhart Hofmann          Dr. Christian Fufezan
Prof. Dr. Danja Schünemann       Dr. Michael Sperling
Dr. Marc Nowaczyk                     Dr. Stefan Weinl
Dr. Anja Hemschemeier

IPR, Osaka University              School of Science, Osaka University
Prof. Dr. Genji Kurisu                 Dr. Hirozo Oh-oka
Prof. Dr. Toshiharu Hase
Prof. Dr. Haruki Nakamura
Dr. Hidaki Tanaka
Dr. Yong-Ho Lee
Prof. Takahisa Ikegami
(currently, Yokohama City Univ.)

Collaborative publication

  1. H.Kubota-Kawai, R.Mutoh, K.Shinmura, P. Sétif, MM. Nowaczyk, M. Rögner, T. Ikegami, H. Tanaka, G.Kurisu. X-ray structure of an asymmetrical trimeric ferredoxin-photosystem I complex. Nature Plants, (2018) 4, 218-224 <Press release>

  2. A. K. Hochmal, K. Zinzius, R. Charoenwattanasatien, P. Gäbelein, R. Mutoh, H. Tanaka, S. Schulze, G. Liu, M. Scholz, A. Nordhues, J. N. Offenborn, G. Finazzi, C. Fufezan, K. Huang, G. Kurisu, M. Hippler. Calredoxin represents a novel type of calcium-dependent sensor-responder connected to redox regulation in the chloroplast. Nature Commun., (2016) 7, 11847

  3. J. Esselborn, N. Muraki, K. Klein, V. Engelbrecht, N. Metzler-Nolte, U.-P. Apfel, E. Hofmann, G. Kurisu, T. Happe. A structural view of synthetic cofactor integration into [FeFe]-hydrogenases. Chem. Sci., (2016) 7, 959-968 <Highlight at Osaka University HP>

  4. R. Mutoh, N. Muraki, K. Shinmura, H. Kubota-Kawai, Y.H. Lee, M.M. Nowaczyk, M. Rögner, T. Hase, T. Ikegami, G. Kurisu. X-ray Structure and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analysis of the Interaction Sites of the Ga-substituted Cyanobacterial Ferredoxin. Biochemistry (2015) 54, 6052-6061

  5. A. Korste, H. Wulfhorst, T. Ikegami, M.M. Nowaczyk, R. Stoll. Solution structure of the NDH-1 complex subunit CupS from Thermosynechococcus elongatus. Biochim Biophys Acta. (2015) 1847, 1212-1219

  6. A. Korste, H. Wulfhorst, T. Ikegami, M.M. Nowaczyk, R. Stoll. 1H, 13C and 15N chemical shift assignments of the NDH-1 complex subunit CupS. Biomol NMR Assign. (2015) 9, 169-171

  7. P. Liauw, T. Mashiba, M. Kopczak, K. Wiegand, N. Muraki, H. Kubota, Y. Kawano, M. Ikeuchi, T. Hase, M. Roegner and G. Kurisu. Cloning, expression, crystallization and preliminary X-ray studies of the ferredoxin-NAD(P)+ reductase from the thermophilic cyanobacterium Thermosynechococcus elongatus BP-1. Acta Crystallogr. Sect. F. (2012) 68, 1048-1051