Ireland-IPR Project

Recent events

Assist. Prof. Iwamoto (IPR) visited Prof. Kholodenko laboratory at University College Dublin for colloborative reserach from 24th April to 30th May. During the visiting, he disucussed and started new research project. This visiting is also supported by Osaka University Research Abroad Program. 
  Systems Biology Ireland, University College Dublin

Project overview

Academic exchange between University College Dublin, Ireland and IPR has started from 2017 in the field of Systems Biology research.
The Deputy Director of Systems Biology Ireland, University College Dublin, and the Director of Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University, Japan, with the objective of promoting cooperation in the fields of academic research, agree to conclude academic exchange.


Prof. Boris N Kholodenko (Systems Biology Ireland, University College Dublin)

Prof. Mariko Okada (IPR)