Laboratories and Administration Office

Director Professor Atsushi NAKAGAWA
Vice Director Professor Yuji GOTO
Professor Takahisa FURUKAWA
Director of the Research Center Professor Genji KURISU
Head of Administration Office Yoshikazu TANAKA

Divisions & Centers

Division of Protein Chemistry

Laboratory of Protein Organic Chemistry PI Hironobu HOJO Lab. Website
Laboratory of Cell Systems PI Mariko OKADA  Lab. Website
Laboratory of Nanobiology PI Yoshie HARADA  Lab Website
Laboratory of Organelle Biology Independent Associate Professor Masato NAKAI  Lab Website

Division of Protein Structural Biology

Laboratory of Protein Folding PI Yuji GOTO Lab. Website
Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics PI Toshimichi FUJIWARA Lab. Website
Laboratory of Protein Crystallography PI Genji KURISU Lab. Website
Laboratory of CryoEM Structural Biology PI Takayuki KATO
Laboratory of Membrane Protein Chemistry Independent Associate Professor Joji MIMA Lab. Website

Division of Integrated Protein Functions

Laboratory of Genome and Chromosome Functions PI Akira SHINOHARA Lab. Website
Laboratory for Molecular and Developmental Biology PI Takahisa FURUKAWA Lab. Website
Laboratory for Advanced Brain Functions PI Takatoshi HIKIDA
Laboratory for Nuclear Dynamics Specially-appointed Professor Takashi NAGANO
Laboratory of Homeostatic Integration Group Leader Nobuaki OKUMURA Lab. Website

Division of Multiscale Integrative Protein Science

Laboratory of Multiscale Structural Biology  PI Junichi TAKAGI
Laboratory of Nuclear Network Independent Associate Professor Junko KANOH Lab. Website
Laboratory of Visiting Scientists
Laboratory for Infection Systems Specially-appointed Professor Yumiko IMAI

Research Center for State-of-the-Art Functional Protein Analysis

Laboratory of Protein Profiling and Functional Proteomics PI Toshifumi TAKAO Lab. Website
Laboratory of Protein Synthesis and Expression PI Junichi TAKAGI Lab. Website
Laboratory of Supramolecular Crystallography PI Atsushi NAKAGAWA Lab. Website
Laboratory of Computational Biology PI Kenji MIZUGUCHI Lab. Website
Laboratory of Advanced Protein Characterization PI Atsushi NAKAGAWA
Laboratory of Protein Databases PI Genji KURISU Lab. Website

Division of Donated Fund Research

Laboratory of Matrixome Research and Application Kiyotoshi SEKIGUCHI

Administration Office

Chief of General Affairs Section Tomoko ICHIKI
Chief of Accounting Section Kaori IMADA
Chief of Research Cooperation & Equipment Section Toshihide IKEDA