Laboratory of JEOL Multiscale Structural Biology


Professor Haruki NAKAMURA
Associate Professor Takeshi KAWABATA
Visiting Academic Staff Koji YAZAWA



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These days, there is a trend to observe structures of protein molecules and their assemblies, cellular machines, organelle, and even living cells and organisms, and to analyze the dynamic structures, called as “Multiscale Structural Biology”. This new research area becomes possible integrating many different technologies, such as chemical cross-links, MS spectrometry, FRET, Super-resolution microscopy, X-ray diffraction, NMR, and Computer modeling, in addition to Cryo-electron microscopy that has been attracting much attention. In this Donated Fund Division by JEOL Ltd. and JEOL RESONANCE Inc., lots of improvements of the technology covering sample preparation and data analysis will be made for the protein researchers. In addition, such novel methods are expected to provide new innovations for drug discovery and other biotechnology.


Fig.1: Purified proteins are rapidly frozen and are loaded on the stage at ultra-low temperature of the cryo-microscope.


Fig.2:Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) between electron spin and nuclear spin realizes more than 500 times sensitivity, as DNP-solid state NMR technology


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