International IPR Seminar:Frontiers in Peptide Science 2018

Place 1F Lecture Hall, Institute for Protein Research
Date December 8 (Sat), 2018


●Poster&Program   Poster1208.pdf

●Invited Speakers

1.      Prof. Jeong Kyu Bang  Korean Basic Science Institute

2.      Prof. Jeffrey W. Bode  ETH Zürich

3.      Changlin Tiam     University of Science and Technology of China

4.      Prof. Philip Dawson     Scripps Research

5.      Prof. Christian Hackenberger   Humbolt Universität zu Berlin and FMP

6.      Prof. Xuechen Li    University of Hong Kong

7.      Prof. Lei Liu      Tsinghua University

8.      Prof. Oleg Melnyk     Institut de Biologie de Lille


No registration nor registration fee are required for attending the seminar.




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