The 10th International Symposium for the Inter-institutional Network for life science

Place Hokkaido University
Date July 23-24, 2015

Since Japanese national universities were reorganized as independent administrative institutions in 2004, they obtained more discretion and flexibility for carrying out their mission to provide high-quality education and research activities based upon their own originalities. In this background, we, research institutes attached to the university, also consider it of great important to seek to improve our quality in an effort to ensure continual pursuit of research excellence and societal roles as well. To promote these activities, eleven research institutes for life science has set up an alliance to foster an inter-institutional research network by organizing a research symposium every year moving around the institutions, wherein we share recent knowledge and data in the community of life science. This would also provide an excellent opportunity to facilitate communication, in particular, among young investigators, and to develop relationships in pursuit of new collaborations and initiatives.

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