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Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University

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Institute for Protein Research

Osaka University


Access to IPR, Osaka University

From Shinkansen station 'Shin-Osaka' or Itami airport, take subway or monorail to Senri-Chuo station. Change to Hankyu Bus to 'Onohara-higashi' or 'Fuji-kasai'. Get off at 'Handai-guchi' stop.
About 5 min. walk from the bus stop.@
iBus stop is located to the north of Senri life science center building) please, check time table
By train
15 min. walk to the east from Hankyu railway Senri line 'Kita-Senri' station,
By monorail
25 min. walk to the west from Osaka monorail Saito line 'Handaibyoin-mae' station.
By Hankyu bus
From 'Senri-Chuo' to 'Handai Honbu Mae' or to 'Ibaragi-Mihogaoka' (via Hankyu Yamada) and get off at 'Handai Honbu Mae' stop.
By Kintetsu bus
From 'Hankyu Ibaragi-Shi' to 'Handai Honbu Mae'(via JR Ibaragi Station) and get off at 'Handai Honbu Mae' stop.
It's 15 min. walk from 'Handai Honbu Mae' stop.
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bIPRbOsaka Univeristy bAccess to IPR b
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3-2 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, JAPAN
tel: +81-06-6879-4311 (Nakamura,Secretaryj Fax: 06-6879-8636
Email: (Secretaryj