yResearch Programsz

1) Development of chemical/analytical methods and software for analysis of protein primary structure

2) Development of chemical and analytical methods for proteomics and search for biomarkers

3) MS analysis of post-translational modifications

4) Development of a chemical derivatization method for high sensitive detection of sugar chains

5) Hardware development for high-sensitivity MS

6) Study on fragmentation of peptides and carbohydrates in MS




Mass spectrometry (MS) is well accepted technique for the analyses of chemical structures of biological compounds. We have been working to develop methods for determining primary structures and post-translational modifications of proteins by using MS. In conjunction with accumulating protein and gene sequence databases, we are using state-of-the-art MS for large-scale protein identification which is indispensable for proteomics research. We also apply the above developed methods to the structural analysis of micro quantities of peptides, proteins, and their related substances.