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Welcome to the Laboratory for Biomolecular Modeling and Design

LBMAD is a research group in the Institute of Protein Research, Osaka University. We are interested in the development of computational methods for biomolecular modeling and conformational dynamics.

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Iterative integration of experimental data and computational modeling

With rapid increase in experimental and structural data, more sophisticated strategies are required to gain a more realistic understanding of biomolecular mechanisms. By combining methodology from bioinformatics and data analysis, we use existing data for modeling and simulations. Such modeling and simulations methods are in turn useful analyzing and interpreting biophysical and biochemical experimental data. As we scale up the volume of data, we find that bioinformatics pipelines and data analysis methods are required, thus completing the circle.

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Some topics of interest...

Some topics studied include and are not limited to: allostery, oligomerization, protein-protein interactions, conservation of structure and dynamics. Proteins studied: TIM Barrel fold proteins, PyrR, dihydrofolate reductase, leukotriene alpha-4 hydrolase, and many more.


  • Modeling and interpretation of novel SAXS data - Leukotrienes A4 hydrolases
  • Allosteric control of catalysis via single mutation - Dihydrofolate reductase
  • Probing explicit coupling in protein-protein interactions using Elastic Network Models

  • Opportunities

    We are looking for Masters' and PhD students. Please note that you will have to enroll into Osaka University and have to abide by their entrance requirements. Applying for scholarships is highly recommended.

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    Contact Us

    Sandhya P. Tiwari
    Independent Associate Professor
    6F Laboratory for Biomolecular Modelling and Dynamics
    Institute for Protein Research
    Osaka University
    3-2 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan
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