Snapshots of Protein Crystallography Lab.

Lab. of Protein Crystallography was founded by late Prof. Masao Kakudo in 1959. Prof. Genji Kurisu is the 4th principal investigator of this laboratory from 2009.

Mr. Suzuki, Ms. Koshino and Mr. Iwasaki graduated from School of Eng. Mr. Kawamukai, Ms. Kunimasa and Mr. Shimokakimoto for Master.
March 2024
Prof. Irfan-Dwidya-Prijambada from Universitas-Gadjah-Mada(Indonesia) visited Kurisu lab.
January 2024
Year-end party with Nakagawa lab.
December 2023
Farewell party for Jiannan and Seolmin
September 2023
Award ceremony Seolmin
September 2023
Prof. Chaiyen, VISTEC. visited IPR
August 2023
Prof. Kihara, Purdue Univ. visited our lab for special seminar
June 2023
Hon. Mr. Hendrik WUEST, Minister-President of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Federal Republic of Germany visited IPR
June 2023
Congrats! Jiannan for their PhD ceremony (Dec.2022). Negoro,Tanabe,Fukuzawa,Ohmasa for Master
March 2023
Ms. Yamamoto graduated from School of Science, Mr. Hiraga and Mr. Ozawa graduated from School of Eng.
March 2023
Jiannan and Yu won the presentation award of IPR retreat
Dec. 2021
Dr. Kawamoto was awarded Osaka Univeristy Prize
Nov. 2021
Alice from Thailand stayed in our lab for 5 months
June 2021
Ms. Tanabe and Mr. Fukuzawa graduated from School of Eng.
March 2021
Mrs. Nakamoto, Hamaoka and Morimoto completed Master
March 2021
Congrats! Linda, Rei, and Orkun for their PhD ceremony (Linda got it in Dec.)
March 2021
Congrats! Asakura, Suzuki, Nakata, Ando, Ohnishi and Toda
March 2020
Lab members of Prof. Fujii visited our lab
March 2020
Rieke and Johanna from Germany visited our lab.
March 2020
Florian, Daniel and Rebecca from Germany visited our lab.
November 2019
Highest German population in Osaka (Profs. Hippler and Rögner)
November 2019
Seolmin joins our lab
October 2019
Ms. Ise, Fushimi and Yanagi, Mr. Kawai and Saeki completed Master
March 2019
Prof. Kiyoshi Nagai visited our lnstitute.
February 2019
Prof. Peter Knight visited our lab.
November 2018
Prof. Richard Henderson visited our lnstitute. November 2018
Vida visited our lab for collaboration with Hippler lab.
May 2018
Nam got a PhD in Science from Osaka University
March 2018
Rector and dean of Ruhr University Bochum visited Osaka
March 2018
Prof. Pierre Sétif visited our lab.
February 2018
Giulia visited our lab for collaboration with Hippler lab.
November 2017
Liannan and Linda join our lab
October 2017
Prof. Kurisu and Nam attended APPA2017 in Thailand
July 2017
Prof. Kurisu visited Australian Synchrotron and U. Melbourne
March 2017
Data Collection at TPS-BL5, Taiwan
March 2017
Some members attended JSPP’17, Kagoshima
March 2017
Dr. Nishikawa presented his research result at PSSJ’16, Fukuoka
June 2016
Welcome hiking
May 2016
Ms. Iwasaki and Yasuda completed Master
March 2016
Research Meeting at MITU
February 2016
Germany-Japan Joint Symposium
February 2016
Dr. Nishikawa presented his research result at Asca’15, India
December 2015
Three presentations at Biophysic. Soc. Japan
September 2015
Farewell party for Mian
August 2015
Joint seminar held in Surabaya, Indonesia
May 2015
Cherry blossom viewing
April 2015
Memorial Tour
March 2015
March 2015
IYCr2014 and CrSJ meeting
December 2014
Visit of Prof. C. Wilmot
October 2014
Welcome party for Nam
Octorber 2014
Protein Society of Thailand @Bangkok
August 2014
May 2014
Visit of Prof.Ketudat-Cairns
May 2014
Cherry blossom viewing
April 2014
Visit of Prof. Hippler with Ana
April 2014
Farewell party
March 2014
Memorial Tour
March 2014
Visit of Dr.Jon Nield with Dr. Burton-Smith
March 2014
AsCA’13@Hongkong with Prof. Chan
December 2013
With Prof. Voet@Rutgers
September 2013
Visit of Dr.Eithar
August 2013
Farewell party for Dr. Muraki
June 2013
Memorial Tour
March 2013
Short stay of Mr. Sompong
Winter 2013
Visit of Prof.Ketudat-Cairns with Sompong
January 2013
Visit of Dr. Maeda
January 2013
December 2012
Mr. Nishikawa’s poster prize @CrSJ
October 2012
Visit of Prof.Rossmann and Prof.Saibil
October 2012
Short stay of Hannes and Anika
March 2012
Short stay of Hannes
November 2010
Short stay of Pasqual
September 2010
PSSJ meeting @Kumamoto
May 2010
Cherry blossom viewing
April 2010
Lab movement from Tokyo (After)
June 2009
Lab movement from Tokyo (before)
June 2009
New start of the Lab. @Osaka
April 2009

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