Group photo

Faculty members

Mariko Okada

Researchers database of Osaka University

Hobbies: Watching golf, multiple reading, tramping
Comment: Walk the talk

Keita Iida
(Assistant professor)

Hobbies: Liberal arts, walk
Comment: 出水兵児修養掟

Ayaka Ichikawa
(Assistant professor)

Hobby: Music, cooking
Comment: Learn from the past

Tabata Sho
(S.A. associate professor)

Hobbies: Reading books
Comment: Being healthy is the best

Ulrike Muenzner
(S.A. assistant professor)

Hobby: Kyudo, hiking
Comment: Beginner's mind

Takeya Kasukawa
(Visiting professor)

Google Scholar
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences

Hobby: Reading books
Comment: Taking rest is a part of your job


Suxiang Zhang
(S.A. researcher)

Researchers Database of Osaka University
Hobby: Travelling, meditation
Comment: Remain calm in time of pain or happiness

Masatoshi Haga
(Visiting researcher)

Hobby: Climbing
Comment: Keep in mind to switch on and off


Fumiko Matsuzuki

Hobby: Yoga, Japanese flower arrangement
Comment: Know yourself

PhD students

Minami Ando (D3)

Hobby: swimming
Comment: Buy one get two!

Hiroaki Imoto (D2)
(JSPS Research Fellow)

Hobby: Pokemon GO
Comment: I love my job, I love my job, I love my job...

Ken Murakami (D1)

Hobby: Board game, classical music
Comment: The wind rises

Master students

Johannes Nicolaus Wibisana (M2)

Personal website
Hobby: Tinkering with stuff, gardening weird plants Comment: Early bird gets the worm

Sawa Yamashiro (M2)

Hobby: Animal crossing
Comment: A duck came carrying green onions.

Akari Ishihara (M2)

Hobby: Cats and coffee
Comment: Keep looking. Don’t settle.

Wang Zi (M2)

Hobby: Every sports
Comment: Constant dripping wears away the stone

Akimi Mizoguchi (M2)

Hobby: Watching movies, visiting various islands
Comment: Must see "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946)

Kaho Ito (M1)

Hobby: handcraft, music, reading novels
Comment: You cannot see the wood for the trees.

Kenshiro Nagai (M1)

Hobby: Travel, watching football
Comment: 勤倹力行

Undergraduate students

Hayate Takagishi (B4)

Hobby: Manga, video games
Comment: I want to be easygoing.

Collaborators (Including past collaborations)

Yumiko Imai (National Institute of Biomedical Innovation)

Boris Kholodenko (University College Dublin)

Akira Imamoto (University of Chicago)

Yasushi Sako(Riken)

Shuhei Kimura(Tottori University)

Reiko Tanaka (Imperial College London)

Alexander Hoffmann (UCLA)

Kazuyuki Aihara(University of Tokyo)

Takashi Naka(Kyushu Sangyo University)

Marcelo Behar (UT Austin)

Former members

Kyoichi Ebata(Masters student)

Hiroki Michida(Masters student)

Sayaka Inoue(Masters student)

Marie Maeda (Masters student)

Tomomi Kanazawa (Masters student)

Shigeyuki Magi(Assistant Professor)

Kazunari Iwamoto (Assistant Professor)

Tetsuya Goto (Specially Appointed researcher)

Sufeng Chiang(Research Student・National Taiwan University)

Yu Miyamoto(Research Student・Keio University)