We are looking for students

The laboratory for Cell Systems is hiring students who are interested in biology and/or programming. Students from any background (Biological sciences/Information sciences/Engineering) are welcome.

The research topics in our lab are as follows:


Modeling of Biological Systems → Okada lab mathematical models

Mathematical model to infer underlying mechanisms of dynamic cellular control from experimental data.
Hiroaki Imoto (D1)


Imaging based cellular dynamics analysis

Confocal and widefield fluorescence microscopy based imaging to observe transcription factor dynamics and cell cycle progression. Automation of image processing and analysis.
Nico (M1)


Omics analysis

It's impossible to analyze whole genome data obtained from next generation sequencer using E*cel! It's time for you to learn bioinformatics!
Hiroki Michida (M2)


Mathematical analysis of clinical data

Clarify the mechanism of signaling network using TCGA database and develop a new method to classify the cancer subtypes.
Sawa Yamashiro (M1)

You can contact us for more details about our research activities by filling out the form below, or by email to mokada(@)protein.osaka-u.ac.jp

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