• IPR seminar「オミクス解析における実験と数理の協働」January 15th, 2021

  • Prof. Boris Kholodenko will deliver a series of online lectures on
    • July 6 2020: Signaling cascade: ultrasensitivity and signal amplification
    • July 7 2020: Temporal dynamics of cell signaling
    • July 9 2020: Modeling of growth factor signaling
    • July 13 2020: Giving space to cell signaling: Spatially resolved cascades
    • July 14 2020: Signaling specificity determines cell fates
    • July 16 2020: Dynamic network responses as information rich biomarkers
    The slides will be available to download from the following link (Updated as of 2020/07/06): click here. Password will be distributed only to attendees.
    If you are interested (and do not yet have the link to the lectures), please contact us through the form here or email to mokada*protein.osaka-u.ac.jp (replace * with @).