Protein crystallography is the best method to determine the atomic structure of protein molecules, in order to elucidate the molecular mechanism of highly organized biological systems. Our main aim of research is X-ray structure determination of the biological macromolecular assemblies including membrane protein complexes. Current Research Projects are “Structural studies of photosynthetic membrane protein complex and related redox enzymes”, “Crystal structure analysis of dynein motor” and “High resolution and damage-free structure analysis of metalloproteins”.



Giulia joins our group as a short-term exchange student from Germany.


New members join our group.


Ms. Fushimi won the Mimuro prize in the photosynthesis meeting in Kobe.


Ms. Charoenwattanasatien won the international young scientist awards in APPA-2017 meeting in Thailand.


Mr. Toda won the best presentation prize in the Kinki branch meeting of Biochemical society of Japan.


New members join our group.

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