【Report】IPRxRIKEN[BDR]Symposium 2023「Dive into Data of Life」

IPR x RIKEN (BDR) Symposium 2023

Dive into Data of Life

The research in life sciences has dramatically changed with the spread of next-generation sequencers and other new analytical technologies. In protein research, the emergence of new analytical technologies and the application of artificial intelligence, such as cryo-EM and deep learning (e.g., AlphaFold), have paved a new way for discoveries through the fusion of computational and life sciences. In a living system, the processes from genome to life are driven by complex networks of diverse biomolecules, including proteins. A brand new bioresearch, which bridges molecular information and molecular function, is indispensable to understanding the principles of the networking processes.

In October 2022, we inaugurated a new research center, “Advanced Protein Data Science Research Center (ASPiRE),” to promote new data-driven protein research, synthesizing protein structural information and biological data/properties. We are now expanding its research areas to biological design principles, informatics, and in silico drug discovery. Undoubtedly, these data-driven researches are now an essential part of future life science. Still, the new research area is so diverse that it is difficult for a single institute to challenge all and keep high-quality research going alone.

It is our great pleasure to have the first joint symposium between two world-leading bioscience research institutes; the Institute for Protein Research (IPR) at Osaka University and RIKEN Biosystems Dynamics Research (RIKEN-BDR). Through the joint symposium, we intend to share common interests in basic life sciences, such as protein structure science, biomolecular science, neuroscience, computational biology, database development, and data-driven science, and bring the two institutions into a more active and closer alliance. This symposium must be a critical starting point for all members of both institutes to get together and further promote active research collaboration and educational cooperation.

Another purpose of this symposium is to provide opportunities for young researchers and students to interact and exchange ideas directly with senior researchers, with whom young researchers usually have little chance.

We sincerely hope this symposium significantly deepens mutual understanding and promotes joint research and cooperation between the IPR and the RIKEN-BDR in various areas.

ーDesign Principles for Life
ーCornerstone for Data-driven Research
ーControl of Biological Networks
ーElucidation of Biomolecular Dynamics

■ Organizers: Mariko Okada (IPR), Mikako Shirouzu/Makoto Taiji (RIKEN BDR)
■ Date: February 21 (Tuesday) 13:00-16:15 – 22 (Wednesday) 9:15-13:15, 2023
■ Venue: Senri Life Science Center
■ Acknowledgment: This symposium was supported by Protein Research Foundation