【10/17-18開催】蛋白研セミナー:Frontier of Dynamic Structural Biology  (構造生物学と計算科学の融合による動的構造生物学の新しい展開)

蛋白研セミナー:Frontier of Dynamic Structural Biology (構造生物学と計算科学の融合による動的構造生物学の新しい展開)


2022年10月17日(月) 13:30 – 17:25
10月18日(火) 9:00 – 15:30



Hybrid format (in person at the lecture hall of Institute for Protein Research,
Osaka University & Zoom online)



・ 13:30-13:45 Opening Remark   Genji Kurisu (IPR, Osaka U.)
Session 1 Integrated New Method (Chair: Genji Kurisu)
・ 13:45-14:10 How to interpret movies of protein dynamics captured by high-speed AFM?
~Significance of bridging experimental data and computational/mathematical simulations~  Takayuki Uchihashi (Nagoya University)
・ 14:10-14:35 Integrative Modeling of Protein Dynamics from High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Yasuhiro Matsunaga (Saitama University)
・ 14:35-15:00 Elucidating conformational states of biomolecules embedded within 2 dimensional experimental images
Florence Tama (RIKEN)
・ 15:00-15:25 Structural state estimation of biological macromolecules in solution using BioSAXS
Nobutaka Shimizu (KEK-IMSS-PF)
・ 15:25-15:35 Break
Session 2 X-ray Crystallography (Chair: Kunio Hirata)
・ 15:35-16:00 Structural insight into the nuclear transportation of ependymoma-driving ZFTA-RELA fusion Protein
Sachiko Toma-Fukai (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
・ 16:00-16:25 Structural changes in chloride ion pump rhodopsin by time-resolved crystallography   Toshiaki Hosaka (RIKEN)
・ 16:25-16:50 Structual changes of a bioluminescent protein Aequorin by calcium binding
Toru Nakatsu (Wakayama Medical University)
・ 16:50-17:15 Crystal and cryo-EM structures of cation-transporting P-type ATPase Kazuhiro Abe (Nagoya University)
・ 17:15-17:25 Break
Session 3 Cryo-EM (Chair: Akihiro Kawamoto)
・ 9:00- 9:25 High complexity at High Resolution: Structures of the Human Ribosomes    Jana Ognjenovic (Frederick National Laboratory (MD, USA))
・ 9:25- 9:50 Structural analysis of prokaryotic V-ATPase during its catalytic cycle.   Jun-ichi Kishikawa (Osaka University)
・ 9:50-10:15 Optimizing cryo-EM for GPCRs and first steps in cryo-tomography   Radostin Danev (University of Tokyo)
・ 10:15-10:40 Cryo-EM structure of CRISPR-Cas7-11   Hiroshi Nishimasu (University of Tokyo)
・ 10:40-10:50 Break
Session 4 Computational Biology (Chair: Yuji Sugita)
・ 10:50-11:15 MD-based inference of conformationoal ensemble from cryo-EM particle images   Mao Oide (RIKEN)
・ 11:15-11:40 Mutlscale modeling of eukaryotic chromatin via Fugaku supercomputing   Shoji Takada (Kyoto University)
・ 11:40-12:05 Towards new modalities in drug discovery with AI-based modeling   Kenji Mizuguchi (Osaka University)
・ 12:05-12:30 Exploring the alternative conformation of a known protein structure based on deep learning predictions
Chen Song (Peking University (Beijing, China))
・ 12:30-13:40 Break
Session 5 Application and Development (Chair: Masaki Yamamoto)
・ 13:40-14:05 Development of high-temperature nuclear polarization method for hypersensitive NMR spectroscopy
Kenichiro Tateishi (RIKEN)
・ 14:05-14:30 Development and application of complementary spectroscopic methods for dynamic structural biology
Tetsunari Kimura (Kobe University)
・ 14:30-14:55 Cross-scale analyses of centrosome-independent microtubule network formation   Ryo Nitta (Kobe University)
・ 14:55-15:20 How do Hero proteins prevent the aggregation of TDP-43?   Yukihide Tomari (University of Tokyo)
・ 15:20-15:30 Concluding Remark       Takayuki Kato (Osaka University)



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Mao Oide, and Yuji Sugita (RIKEN Center for Computational Science), Kunio Hirata, and Masaki Yamamoto (RIKEN SPring-8 Center)
Akihiro Kawamoto, and Genji Kurisu (Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University)


Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University RIKEN


RIKEN Pioneering Project “Biology of Intracellular Environments”
MEXT Program for Promoting Researches on the Supercomputer Fugaku “Biomolecular dynamics in a living cell”
MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A) “New Cross Scale Biology”
MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Area
”Non-equilibrium-state molecular movies and their applications (Molecular Movies)


Genji Kurisu, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University (3-2 Yamadaoka, Suita-shi Osaka 565-0871, Japan)
TEL: 06-6879-8605 FAX: 06-6879-8606 E-mail: gkurisu [at] replace [at] with @)