Division for Matrixome Research and Application
Institute for Protein Research
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Crystal structure of laminin-511 E8 fragment

Our long-term goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms that govern the morphogenetic interactions of cells with surrounding extracellular matrices.

We are particularly interested in the role of basement membranes in embryonic development and tissue homeostasis with an emphasis on the molecular interactions of basement membrane proteins with their receptors on the cell surface and the resulting signaling events that regulate proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, and motility of cells.

Emphasis is also given to fabrication of a "designer matrix", the 2D and 3D culture substrates customized for individual cell types including pluripotent and tissue stem cells to promote regenerative medicine.

What's New

2024.06.17Press Release

A collaborative work with Takafumi Hasegawa of Tohoku University has been published online in Cell Death Discovery. This paper reports the evidence for the involvement of RME-8/DNAJC13, a protein involved in endosomal transport and originally found in our lab, in pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease.
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Professor Yoshihiro Ishikawa visited our lab and gave a lecture on "Structure, function, and biosynthesis of type IV collagens". Thank you, Yoshi, for very inspiring talk!
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2024.05.30Press Release

A collaborative work with Prof. Hironobu Hojo of our Institute has been published online in Frontiers in Chemistry. This paper reports the synthesis and characterization of the cyclic RGD-containing peptides derivatized from cysteinyl RGD-peptidyl cysteinyl prolyl esters by the native chemical ligation method.
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The paper reporting the enhanced myogenic induction from human iPS cells on heparan sulfate chain-attached laminin 421 E8 fragment was featured in the online edition of Nikkei Newspaper.

2024.04.29Press Release

A paper reporting the enhanced myogenic induction from human iPS cells on heparan sulfate chain-attached laminin 421 E8 fragment, the achievement of the collaborative work with Prof. Hidetoshi Sakurai of Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University, has been published in Advanced Science online.
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Fumi Ebisu, a senior researcher who has been in charge of our human iPSCs group, retired from our team on April 30. Thank you, Fumi, for your dedication and many contributions to our team!


Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi gave a keynote lecture titled "Mechanistic Basis for Laminin-Integrin Interaction" at ASMB (American Society for Matrix Biology) Basement Membrane Workshop held at Wellcome Centre for Cell-Matrix Research, University of Manchester, on April 11.
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We held a cherry blossom viewing event for the first time in a while.
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Haruka Kawaguchi joined our lab. She will take part in the joint project with Matrixome, Inc., on the evaluation of laminin-511 E8 fragment-coated microspheres as culture substrates for expansion of human iPS cells. Welcome Haruka!


Yukimasa Taniguchi received "Excellent Presentation Award" at 23rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine.
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Yukimasa Taniguchi and Kohei Minobe presented their results at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine to be held in Niigata from March 21-23, 2024.


Shaoliang Li, an alumnus of our lab, has returned and takes part in our project on fabrication of chemically defined basement membrane-like gels. Welcome Shaoliang!


Ko Tsutsui, an alumnus of our laboratory and currently at University of Manchester, presented the results of our collaboration at the 7th International Workshop on Alport Syndrome to be held in Cyprus from March 14-16, 2024.