Research Activities

Research Projects (representative)

Research Projects (As a Project Member)

  • Photon and Quantum Basic Research Coordinated Development Program by MEXT (Kunio Miki, Kyoto Univ.)  (2013-)
  • Platform for Drug Discovery, Informatics, and Structural Life Science by MEXT (Soichi Wakatsuki, KEK-PF) (2012-)
  • Coordination Funds for Promoting Aerospace Utilization (Space Protein Project) by MEXT (Yoshihiro Urade, Univ. Tsukuba) (2014-)
  • X-ray Free Electron Laser Priority Strategy Program by MEXT (Rapid Structure Determination System for Drug-Target Proteins Using the X-ray Free Electron Laser) (So Iwata, RIKEN/Kyoto Univ.) (2013-)

Completed Projects

X-ray Free Electron Laser Priority Strategy Program by MEXT (2012-2013)

“Development of Structure Determination Method for Biological Macromolecular Assemblies using Spherical Particles”

We worked on development of structure determination method for biological macromolecular assemblies using spherical particles using X-ray free electron laser by SALCA. JAXA-

Targeted Proteins Research Program (2018-2012)

The Targeted Proteins Research Program is a national project promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan. The program aims to reveal the structure and function of proteins that have great importance in both academic research and industrial application.

We contributed the project in 4 targeted proteins and development of X-ray structure determination techniques.

The detail is described here.

JAXA-GCF project ‘High-Quality Protein Crystallization Project on the Protein Structure and Function Analysis for Application’ (2004-2008)

2004-2008年度の5年間、宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA)の国際宇宙ステーション(ISS)応用利用研究拠点推進制度・ISS 応用利用研究拠点として,「サブオングストローム構造生物学の展開」を進めました.


Protein 3000(2002-2006年度)

大阪大学たんぱく質研究所では,文部科学省「タンパク3000プロジェクト 個別的解析プログラム(脳・神経系)」の中核機関として,2002-2006年度の5年間,脳・神経系の構造プロテオミクスに関する研究プロジェクトを進めました.